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N.O.I. Nuova Oncologia Integrata is an Italian association of professionals who dedicate their own experience in favour of oncologic patients, cancer survivors and their entourage to ameliorate quality of life and promote their self-enpowerment. More in detail NOI is engaged in helping all the community through

  • support activities dedicated to people experiencing cancer;
  • implement research and scientific meetings on integrated oncology
  • fundrising for developing research in integrated oncology;
  • support initiatives of education in cancer prevention.

We will grow together.


codice fiscale : 91114080335


IBAN: IT30F0515612600CC0000039033  Banca di Piacenza

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Moments of NOI: Our Activities


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VOTE OUR PROJECT: Up to 26th May you can vote our project at this link www.ricercailfuturo.it/progetto/mente-corpo-pazienti-oncologici/; You must of course register (click on Registrazione); You can vote by clicking on the heart that appears on the image of the researchers. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRECIOUS SUPPORT!

LOTTERY DRAW: The first 10 tickets drawn in "Art and Sport with NOI" charity lottery will be offered 10 artworks from local painters and sculptors as prizes. Draw on 8th April 2017 at 8.30 p.m., on the occasion of Assigeco Piacenza - Imola basketball game, at Palabanca, in Piacenza.


Assigeco Piacenza - Imola , al Palabanca , a Piacenza.

Maggiori informazioni http://www.noi-oncologia-integrata.it/
Assigeco Piacenza - Imola , al Palabanca , a Piacenza.

Maggiori informazioni http://www.noi-oncologia-integrata.it/
Assigeco Piacenza - Imola , al Palabanca , a Piacenza.

Maggiori informazioni http://www.noi-oncologia-integrata.it/

NUTRI-SOUTRA: We are collecting registrations for this path, which includes Sound, Autogenic Training and Nutrition. Participants will be provided with the opportunity to engage in a beneficial and pleasant activity, allowing research to study its effects on some indexes of immunologic status. Registrations will be closed on Friday, 10th March 2017.  NUTRI - SOUTRA termine iscrizioni: 10 marzo 2017

THE ROOSTER AND THE OTHER 11 ANIMALS: DAO in Chinese Zodiac: conference held for NOI by Naturopath Katia Montani, from Centro Kairos, Ego Center, Parma. 7th March 2017 at 5.20 p.m. at Cantone San Nazzaro 16, 29121 Piacenza. IL GALLO E GLI ALTRI 11 ANIMALI: il TAO nello Zodiaco Cinese

NUTRI-EDUCATIONAL PATH: Registration is now open! The course starts on 31st January 2017 at 5.30 pm. percorso nutrieducativo calendario.pdf


Thursday 22nd December at 17.00 at Salone in vicolo San Nazzaro n.16 (Piacenza) for anybody feeling part of this project.


This initiative has been called "Art and Sport with NOI". Ten great artworks will be awarded as prizes, thanks to Piacenza artists' and athletes' generosity and creativity. Ticket price: 2,50 €. Lottery results: 9th April 2017. Flier download: locandina_piccola.pdf (1,5 MB)


Summer Conferences - 2016

Conferences will be held in July and August in via San Nazzaro 16, Piacenza. Subject will be: reflexology, effective microorganisms, aromatherapy, Bach Flowers, Qi Gong, nutrition in cancer patients. 


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Participation to our Association N.O.I. Nuova Oncologia Integrata is always very lively. Every week we welcome new people wishing to being involved...
13/04/2016 21:00
We have the space and tools available to practise our activities in harmony and pleasantness. To join us, use our "Contact" form and specify your...
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Concerto La Musica è per NOI 2019:

link:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGh6YGeJjYs&t=7s

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