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01/05/2017 21:17
VOTE OUR PROJECT: Up to 26th May you can vote our project at this link: www.ricercailfuturo.it/progetto/mente-corpo-pazienti-oncologici/. You must of course register (click on Registrazione); You can vote by clicking on the heart that appears on the image of the researchers. THANK YOU FOR YOUR...
09/04/2017 17:54
"BIGLIETTI VINCENTI DELLA LOTTERIA "ARTE E SPORT INSIEME A NOI" - 2017 Maggiori informazioni http://www.noi-oncologia-integrata.it/news/biglietti-vincenti-della-lotteria-arte-e-sport-per-noi-2017/
08/04/2017 11:05
This initiative has been called "Art and Sport with NOI". Starting Sunday 4h December, we will sell lottery tickets during a sport event we got involved in: the annual party of Atletica Piacenza. We will be among the public during these sport events: men's and women's fencing competition on 9th of...
07/03/2017 14:18
Nutri-Soutra is the new activity developed by a teamwork of Sound Specialists, Nutritionists and Psychologists, who have combined sound, nutrition tips and Autogenic Training into one program. Free Nutri-Soutra Course will only address people diagnosed with cancer. Meetings will start with a...
07/03/2017 12:02
2017: Year of the Fire Rooster. What does it mean? What is the ancient Chinese symbology in Chinese Zodiac? Kairos Ego Center School of Parma has accepted to come and explain this subject to NOI, our Association. The conference will be held by Katia Montani, Naturopath, qualified from Ego Center...
15/01/2017 11:51
Nutri-Educational Group Path for cancer patients, led by nutritionists Laura Garnerone and Lia Sgorbati. Monthly workshops are held in the afternoon, with active involvement and patient-feedback. Registration is now open! The course starts on 31st January 2017 at 5.30 pm. percorso nutrieducativo...
03/12/2016 12:00
A presentation of a short stories book, a survival manual for these times, coupled with targeting donations for cancer patients projects and the opportunity to learn more about our NOI Nuova Oncologia Integrata Onlus Association; Fabio Martini, the book editor, and Claudio Arzani, a Piacentine...
28/10/2016 12:49
Live rock music from the '70s to the' 80s performed by THE STEAMS will end the cycle of charity night events for NOI Association. Join us for a night full of music and energy! Tonight at 9.00 p.m. at Teatro Verdi, in Fiorenzuola d'Arda (PC). www.facebook.com/steamspc/
22/10/2016 18:30
We will attend the Conference that the Dalai Lama will hold in Milan in October 2016, with a dedicated bus service. Registration are closed. www.dalailama-milano2016.com/ita/
18/10/2016 18:23
Dr. Luca Imperatori, Medical Oncologist at Hospital in Fano and Homeopathic Expert, will hold a conference on a topic of intense interest for both patients and doctors. The meeting will take place in Piacenza, at the Auditorium of the Vigevano Piacenza Foundation, via Sant'Eufemia.
14/10/2016 17:00
On Friday 14th October compilation of baseline questionnaires for all cancer patients who applied on 11th October for participation to our incoming activities.
13/10/2016 21:00
Young talented musicians from the Nicolini Conservatory of Piacenza will play for NOI in the beautiful setting of Teatro dei Teatini. It will be a wonderful evening where the performance of the kids will take on greater significance in the light of offering their skills, study and talent in favour...
11/10/2016 15:00
- BEGINNING OF ACTIVITIES - On Tuesday 11th October 2016 at 5.30 p.m.official opening of the activities: we will spend a couple of hours to illustrate our activities, timetables, the "rules" of the place we will share with other associations, and above all the spirit of our group. Patients will be...
18/09/2016 18:46
CONFERENCE by Paolo Bruseghini. New revolutionary therapeutic methods to restore consciousness to your physical and emotional well-being. Salone of San Sepolcro. Cantone San Nazzaro 16, Piacenza (connects via Campagna and via Taverna). - info: 335 - 5221552 -
28/07/2016 19:55
"The Sound of Tibetan Bowls, Archetypal of Order, in Helping Relationship to the individual". Speaker: Manlio Casini. V.lo San Nazzaro 16, Piacenza
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Concerto La Musica è per NOI 2019:

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